Who Are We?

Meet the Team behind Birdslate

Work Should Be Fun!

We started Birdslate because we recognize the value of friendship and connection at work. In an increasingly connected world, we want to help people reclaim their freedom while holding onto a sense of community.

Our goal is to allow people to work when and how they want while maintaining strong relationships. Existing tools focus on productivity and getting work done while completely ignoring casual conversations and fun within teams. We want to address that!

Our Team

Albert Kozlowski

Founder & CEO

Albert spent the last couple of years working in the video-conference domain. There he got to see the many pain points that people using traditional video calls encounter on a daily basis.

He is a past CTO & second-time founder with a previous successful exit.

Michal Szkodzinski

Founder & CTO

Michal is a seasoned software developer and CTO. He is passionate about best-programming practices and processes.

He is a second-time technical co-founder. He co-managed and built one of the leading Polish CRM companies as his previous venture.